At Structured Technologies, our experts use the most advanced technology for spyware, malware and virus removal.  We use state-of-art systems to establish secure links to your computer and then remove dangerous software causing your computer to underperform.

In excess of 95% of the issues regarding computer malfunctions are associated with software-related problems like viruses, spywares and malwares.  Through new technology, we can access your computer remotely and delete those annoying errors, without having to visit your home or office.  Services are performed with remote access programs.

What You Will Notice:

While the repairing service is connected to your computer, you may watch the process live by looking at the computer screen.  The average remote repair session lasts a half hour, up to two hours, depending on the difficulty of the issue(s) that is inhibiting your computer.  If you have any questions while the servicing process is connected to your computer, you may contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

During the repair process, you will notice that the mouse pointer is moving by itself around the screen – indicating the technician is working on your computer.  You will have peace of mind that there is no breach of security, as everything takes place right in front of your eyes.

Once the repair session is complete, we will remove the connection program permanently.  Removing the connection will ensure you that there is no chance of reconnecting to your computer without your permission.  After the repairing work is complete, we will once again explain the process – letting you know what we found and eliminated during our examination and how you may prevent future problems from occurring.

We provide the finest remote computer services, and you can always expect high quality performance at very competitive prices.

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