You are the office manager, with a better than average IT background.  However, you are short on time and management is depending on you to minimize interruption relating to the company’s IT needs.  You have hired an outside consultant firm to perform back end support; they rarely fix anything, yet tell you to restart your system and the problem will go away… until next time.  Your organization has been experiencing intermittent issues and you are tired of all the finger-pointing and lack of resolution.  Your hardware vendor blames the software… the software developer blames the network… and you just want the problem resolved.  You feel you’re being “sold” a solution by a vendor who may not fully understand your business or your needs.  You are simply tired of all IT-related issues and need to get back to performing your real responsibilities… like managing the office!

Contact us today so we can help you develop a plan that supports your short and long term needs and allows you to get back to what you should be doing – not worrying about the IT side of things and managing your office.