Compliance is a vital requirement for organizations in healthcare, financial markets, and the government sector.  We take your compliance needs seriously.  Our industry-leading compliant hosting solutions are specifically designed to deliver security, performance and peace of mind to our clients.  Our goal is not just to meet the requirements dictated by HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX and FISMA, but to ensure a compliance record that reaffirms the security and integrity of your organization.

Achieving compliance independently is a major challenge for most companies.  Regulations constantly change, making it difficult for organizations to know the latest requirements, and even more challenging to meet these standards.  This puts organizations at risk of fines, sanctions and various other penalties.  Furthermore, trying to remain compliant can occupy a huge percentage of an IT department’s time and energy, preventing personnel from pursuing higher-level projects.  By taking advantage of Structured Technologies’ compliance management services, businesses can outsource this responsibility, reducing risk and maximizing in-house performance.