Quite simply: you want to keep the bad people out and the good people up and running.  However, security exploits are always changing, and hackers, spammers and the like are becoming more creative.  A comprehensive and multi-layered approach to security has become the standard.  Today, small and medium businesses (SMBs) must not only maintain strong perimeter protection, but also employ gateway and endpoint-level protection tools, as well.  These systems should all work together to proactively predict and prevent system vulnerabilities such as malware attacks, security breaches, and data leaks. Be honest – how secure is your network?

Structured Technologies helps SMBs protect valuable data resources through comprehensive network security services. We understand your desire to drive down costs, hardware investments, and management headaches, so we take the task of protecting your network off your plate and into the hands of our experts.  From our cloud-based offerings, to our comprehensive network analyses, we take on the maintenance and monitoring required to deliver 24/7 protection for your users, your network, and your business.