Tired of the rising costs of deploying desktops?  Why not eliminate the hassles of virtualized computing and move to the Cloud?  Structured Technologies Desktops as a Service (DaaS) allows enterprises to rapidly deploy desktops on virtually any device – all with the software, storage, and access they specify.

Structured Technologies Desktops as a Service (DaaS) solution brings you the benefits of virtual desktops—simplified deployment, improved data security, and centralized management—without the exorbitant capital costs and unending management hassles.  Structured Technologies Cloud-hosted desktops can deliver savings upwards of 36% over average physical desktop PCs.  The ability to offload endpoint costs or extend the life cycle of an existing PC can deliver significant savings of up to $300 per year per desktop.

Structured Technologies DaaS is a “pay as you go” Cloud subscription service that requires no capital investment, and leverages carrier-class scale and geographic coverage that’s not available to most organizations.  You can custom-configure Structured Technologies DaaS to meet your end-users’ performance requirements, specifying OS, RAM, CPU, disk space, and more according to particular end-users’ needs.  Once you’re a Structured Technologies customer, your Cloud-hosted desktops can be deployed in a matter of hours, not months, with substantially reduced complexity and risk.