Only 35% of businesses have a routinely tested disaster recovery plan. This oversight can be fatal to your company.

Natural disasters devastate communities and destroy lives.  Often overlooked is their effect on businesses.  Studies show that more than 25% of businesses damaged never recover from disasters like floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, or tornados.  Those that do recover are typically the ones that sought comprehensive disaster recovery solutions before a disaster occurs.

Man-made disasters are also common, and small accidents can lead to extended outages, costing you time and money. Recently, an explosion took out a major data center in the city’s sewer system, leaving hundreds of businesses without access to their online ecommerce applications.  Something as simple as a bulldozer cutting through a power line can bring businesses to a screeching halt.  Small disasters like this can take systems offline for an extended period, costing you money for every hour that you’re non-operational.

That’s why Disaster Recovery & Planning matters.